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Plastic Additives

Plastics are deteriorated and discolored due to heat, light, oxygen, etc. Being used to control and suppress the deteriorations, additives are used in pipes, fitting, electric wire & cables, profiles, agricultural films, wrap films, wallpapers, etc. There are many types of plastic additives such as: Heat stabilizer, Lubricant, Antioxidant, Light stabilizer, Flame retardant, etc. In particular, there are many assortments of stabilizers such as: Metallic soaps, Hydrotalcite, Inorganic Lead, Organic Liquid type, Organic Tin,etc.

Japanese long-established additive manufacturer

Sakai Chemical, as a manufacturer of plastic additives, supplies many kinds of addtives such as Metallic Soaps, Organic Tin, Organic & Inorganic additives and complex stabilizers.

Care about our products
Challenge to world standard

At Sakai Chemical (Vietnam), around 70 Vietnamese are currently working to provide high quality and service with the same level as of Japan. As for quality, Japan quality has already been brought to Sakai Chemical(Vietnam), based on Japanese support and we are making further improvements. Although technical support is currently done by mainly Japanese people, we are planning to do further customer support by the Vietnamese service system in the near future.

Vietnamese excellent technical team

In order to our best service of techonology to customers, our Vietnamese technicians are cooperating with Japanese at customer's site. Besides, our company is always aware of the importance of improving ability of Vietnamese staffs to response technical service requirement from South-East Asian market comprehensively.